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Get Spooktacular Deals on Mulwark Halloween Hand Tools

by Mulwark MLK

Halloween is a cherished Western tradition celebrated on the 31st of October each year. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Celtic customs, where it marked the last day of the year and was associated with the presence of spirits. To ward off malevolent entities, people would dress up in eccentric costumes and masks on Halloween night. Moreover, the festivities involve adorning homes with Halloween decorations, often requiring the use of various handy tools. In this exciting Mulwark Halloween Promotion, we bring you an exclusive offer to fulfill all your Halloween hand tool needs!

Mulwark Halloween Hand Tools

Discover Our Featured Halloween Hand Tool Products:

1.2-Pack 10 Gauge Inline Fuse Holder:

- Website link:

PACKAGE NULLED: 2 x standard inline fuse holders and 2 x 40Amp standard blade fuse. Our car fuse can be easily identified by the white mark amp rating figures on the top and allows checking top pins for continuity.

SAFETY PROTECTION: The heavy-duty 10 gauge (AWG) tin-plated copper wire features excellent oxidation resistance that adds protection to the circuit of your car alarms, GPS, car recorder, dashboard camera, VCD player, etc.

WATERPROOF DESIGN: The gauge fuse holder is equipped with a tight-fitting, waterproof rubber cap with an IP67 waterproof rating for maximum prevention of water, dust, and dirt from getting in PREMIUM QUALITY WIRE: High-quality soft red pigtail silica gel wire makes it easier to strip than other materials. What’s more, the 30cm wire length ensures convenient installation on almost all kinds of automotive devices.

WIDE APPLICATION: Support ATC/ATO standard blade fuse of 5A, 7.5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A, and 40A, easy to use and ideal for cars trucks, boats, RVs, ATVs, Jeeps, Motorcycles, and much more.

2.10pc Robertson Square Drill Bits Set:

- Website link:

WELL-EQUIPPED BITS SIZE: The square drive bits set includes 10 hex head Allen wrench bits with square drive, featuring two bits of each size for #0, #1, #2, #3, and #4.

INDUSTRIAL GRADE QUALITY: The Robertson square screwdriver drill bits are made from S2 steel material in a matt rust-resistant finish with labeled size marks & magnetic tips. One portable rubble strip store in a durable plastic case.

EXPERIMENT TESTS: The impact allen bits have experienced torsion and hardness tests. The results of tests show that the maximum torsion force of bits is 180-200N and the hardness of bits is 57-59HRC. The high torsion and proper hardness prevent the bits from breaking and wear.

USAGE VERSATILITY: 1/4 inch quick-release hex shank driver bits fit for an electric screwdriver, hand screwdriver, electric drills & air drills. Ideal for working on vehicles, bicycles & furniture. Assembling/repairing your furniture in an easy way.

3.Center Hole Punch:

- Website link:

EASY AND HANDY: Mark a dimpled starting point in metal, wood, glass, leather, or plastic surface, prevent drill bits and screws from wandering around with one-handed hammerless operation.

PREMIUM GRADE: This is made of hardened Cr-V steel that holds up to high impact and provides wear resistance, rust-proof, and strength to prolong the tool’s life.

REPEATABLE IMPACT: The orange cap is adjustable to give increased or decreased striking force, and enables to gain of uniform dimple size at every setting.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The punch body has a deeply knurled finger grip to achieve easy handling and better control; the non-pinch comfortable cap makes a good cushion for your palm against spring impact.

EXTENDED LIFE: The punch’s point can be removed for replacement or sharpening; a free spare tip is packaged in this set for even longer-term use.

4.Drywall Paint Scraper:

- Website link:

Multi-Tool: MulWark 16-in-1 Painter's Tool Fixed Joint Putty knife Hammer Head Painter's Tool combines a spreader, a chisel scraper, a paint can opener, a roller cleaner, a nail puller, two nut wrench Four Screw Bits, screwdrivers and many other functions, giving you the versatility of a painter's toolbox in 1 design.

Tool Size: 3" Fixed Joint Putty knife Hammer Head Paint Scrapers that get the job done with a superior finish. Makes repair and refinishing jobs quick and easy. The extended handle for broom thread is designed ergonomically for all-day use with minimal fatigue.

Pro Function: Made of durable Stainless Steel, Mirror polished blade, Clear lacquer coating on blade and Comfortable soft-grip handle for security. Premium quality Pro Stainless easy to clean and Full, durable alloy hammer head for setting nails and dimpling nail holes.Durable Construction, Ergonomic Grip, Ergonomic Handle, Reusable.

Two nut wrenches: 3/8" nut wrench& 1/4" nut wrench. Four Screw Bits inside: Screwdriver 4mm flat screw bit, 5mm flat screw bit, #1 Philips bit, #2 Philips bit Slotted. Clean Rollers Covers, Bottle Opener, 3/4" Paint Spray Wrench, Scrape Putty Spread Compound.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Deficient products without being improperly used, abused, altered, or repaired will be replaced in a timely manner.

5.16pc Precision Craft Hobby Knife Set:

- Website link:

BUILT TO LAST -The SK4 hardened carbon steel refill blades included are durable and rust-resistant, and can stand up to extended periods of tough projects to provide you with reliable and consistent daily cutting use. Professional exact knife set for artists, architects, graphic designers, hobbyists and modeler.

ERGONOMIC, AMBIDEXTROUS DESIGN - The craft knife handle is made of soft rubber and ABS plastic with a thick base for added grip & stability and a flat side to prevent rolling off your desk. All the pen-shaped handles are weighted for balance with a textured grip and superior control allows you to make accurate, delicate cuts.

WIDE RANGE OF USES - Equipped with a full spectrum of light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty craft knives, you are able to handle detailed projects like a breeze. Cut using precision cutting, scraping, trimming, chiseling, deburring, scoring, whittling, carving, sculpturing, and more.

CUTS THROUGH MANY MATERIALS - This knife is able to cut through many lightweight and heavyweight materials. This includes all grades of paper, balsa wood, plastic, cloth, mat board, foam board, delicate fabrics, and thin sheet metal. Can also act as a leather knife.

COMPLETE HOBBY KNIFE SET - This crafting knife tool kit comes with 13 pieces of interchangeable blades. This includes #17, #18 chiseling blades, #2, #11 fine point blades, #10, #22 general purpose blades, #5 angled chisel blades, #16 cranked blades, #24 deburring blades, and stencil edge blades. Contained within a secure and compact carry case.

6.17pc Folding Allen Wrench Set:

- Website link:

COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN OF FOLDING ALLEN WRENCH SET: Designed for great performance, made with high-quality materials and a special flexible angle for use on different occasions.

AVAILABLE SIZE:Metric: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,8mm; SAE - 5/64”, 3/32”, 7/64”, 1/8”, 9/64”, 5/32”, 3/16”, 7/32”, 1/4".

TOP QUALITY & EASY TO USE: High-grade alloy steel for maximum performance. With an ideal balance between strength and allowable angle, this set works perfectly in confined spaces and is less prone to stripping.

COMFORTABLE GRIP: The ergonomic handle provides great leverage and torque to help you tighten fasteners much better and faster, compared to a bare allen wrench set.

7.26ft Tape Measure:

- Website link:

PREMIUM GRADE - This portable flexible retractable decimal measuring tape ruler(8m long, 25 mm wide, 0.15mm thick tape measure) is impact resistant, rust-proof, chemical odor free, and can horizontally stand out till 7ft and vertically till 13ft without the tape collapsing or snapping.

VERSATILE WITH MAGNETIC HOOK - This easy-to-read double-sided electrician ruler metal measure tape with fraction can stick to any ferrous material with the powerful magnet tip, which greatly enhances the stability of the blade, especially when measuring a really long distance. The magnets are also strong enough to double the tape as a magnetic pickup tool. These make it a perfect tool for engineers, architects, etc.

“TRUE ZERO” ACCURATE MEASUREMENT - Measurement uncertainty is strictly controlled within ±0.2mm, and the separate magnetic claw can move back itself to deduct its own thickness when conducting inside measurement.

COMFORTABLE IN HAND - The soft rubberized cover and its contoured shape make this tool the best fit in your hand, securely and comfortably, setting a perfect standard for tape measure.

At Mulwark, we aim to make your Halloween celebrations effortless and exhilarating. Take advantage of our Halloween promotions where you can buy three Halloween hand tool products and get one absolutely free! Experience the thrill of transforming your home into a spooky wonderland without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Mulwark?

- Exceptional Quality: We deliver top-notch hand tools designed with precision and durability, ensuring optimal results for all your Halloween projects.

- Wide Range of Options: Our versatile Halloween hand tool collection offers everything from fuse holders to drill bits, center hole punches, and more, giving you ample choices to meet your specific needs.

- Unbeatable Promotions: With our Halloween buy-three-get-one-free offer, you can stock up on high-quality tools at unbeatable prices, making your Halloween preparations even more enjoyable.

Embrace the Halloween spirit and unleash your creativity with Mulwark's Halloween hand tools. Take advantage of our thrilling Halloween promotions and get ready to craft the spookiest decorations in town. From fuse holders to tape measures, we have all the tools you need to turn your home into a hauntingly spectacular wonderland. Visit our website and grab these exclusive deals today!

Remember, Halloween is just around the corner, so don't miss out on the opportunity to create an unforgettable Halloween experience with Mulwark's exceptional hand tools.

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