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How to maintain our power tools

by Mulwark MLK

Power tools are essential tools in our daily lives and they make our lives easier. If we don't take care of our power tools, after a while, our tools will start to show signs of aging.

Knowing how to care for our power tools will help improve the safety and longevity of these tools. Here are the steps we can take to extend the life of our power tools.

Protect from moisture

Keeping our tools in an air-conditioned space can damage our power tools. Keeping them away from moisture will protect them from damage or vandalism, and keeping our appliances in a well-ventilated environment will keep them safe and help them work properly when we need to take them out of storage. The best place to put your power tools is in their original boxes. Because it's not easy to open the package each time you use them, keep the tools in as dry a place as possible.

High temperatures

Since most power tools are cordless and powered by batteries, it is important to keep our tools at room temperature, which is very useful for our power tools. High temperatures can damage our power tool batteries. If we store these expensive, valuable and useful tools in places where they are not suitable for storage, their life span will be shortened. However, there are other risks when we store tools at temperatures that are too high or too low. Safe working temperatures are essential in any workshop, garage, tool storage, workplace, etc. All power tools have motors that contain oil or grease; therefore, if we leave the tool outside in the cold and try to use it before heating it up, the tool will go from very cold to very hot temperatures, which will reduce the power of the motor and cause premature death. On the other hand, we should take into account that high temperatures will reduce the capacity of the tool much faster than if we store it at a lower temperature for a long time.

Cleaning our tools before storage

Power tools need to be cleaned after each use and before storage. Remove any dust, grass, metal shavings, etc. that may enter the motor or other moving parts. Compressed air dusters, pressure washers, polishers, etc. are the best options to help us clean our tools. Make sure to lubricate all moving parts of the tool. Keeping our tools well oiled will prevent their parts from heat and corrosion. Remember, improper use of cleaning tools can also damage our power tools. High pressure can push dirt right into the tool, causing even more damage.

Make sure our power tools are in top condition, as using old tools with blades and bits that aren't sharp enough can make the job more difficult. Regular maintenance can help us keep our power tools in good working condition. Therefore, have a schedule to keep our tools ready for use. Only then can our tools run efficiently. All of our tools need maintenance, but our power tools need more attention.

If we know the best way to maintain them, power tools will have a long life. They each require special maintenance to extend their life. Proper storage, necessary repairs when needed, and replacement of tool parts will make these tools last longer.

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