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Advantages and disadvantages of power tools

by Mulwark MLK

It is important to acquire the skills to use power tools. This knowledge will greatly reduce the rate of accidents that occur due to frequent use of power tools. Read the following to learn about some of the common advantages and disadvantages of power tools.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Power Tools


- Power tools help us perform difficult tasks: Because of their complexity, power tools are used to perform tasks that may be difficult or even impossible to perform with hand tools. For example, handheld drills do not have a manual equivalent.

- Power tools reduce operating time: Unlike hand tools, power tools can perform tasks in a very short period of time. For example, if you are using a handsaw to cut large pieces of wood, it will take longer, even though you may have two or three other people working with you. But with a power saw, the job will be done in a matter of minutes. Thus, power tools offer a great advantage in terms of speed compared to hand tools.

- Power tools do not require advanced skills to use: once you can master them, you can use them.

- Power tools also save the user's energy: this is because electricity or batteries power them.

- Power tools are more accurate: when working with power tools, horizontal accuracy is higher than with hand tools. Because power tools run on electricity, they often give you certainty when using them. You don't have to operate them manually while working.


- Power tools are more complex than hand tools: this is because they have more parts and they come with motors that drive their operation.  

- Power tools require more maintenance than hand tools: this is due to the presence of power connections, gears and motors. Any interruption in any part of a power tool will cause its operation to fail.

Power tools are more dangerous to operate: this is due to the increased power and speed with which they work.


To minimize accidents associated with the use of power tools, make sure that you are wearing the correct safety equipment. Make an effort to wear safety goggles, boots, gloves, helmets and any other protective clothing before using power tools. Also, provide a first aid kit in your work area in case of an emergency. It's always better to be prepared than to be caught off guard.

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