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How does a cordless impact drill work?

by Mulwark MLK

If you are working on difficult projects such as construction, carpentry or decorating, you will need an impact drill.

Cordless impact drills work similarly to electric drills, except that when the drive motor detects resistance, the impact hammer mechanism is activated by pushing an internal spring backwards, causing the hammer to dive forward and strike the anvil base. This mechanism significantly increases torque and allows you to easily drill holes in dense, corrosion-resistant materials.


From a practical point of view, the best points for cordless drills include the following uses.

- Drilling in soft materials

- Screwing soft materials with screws, albeit on a small scale

- Bolts that do not require a lot of torque are being loosened and tightened

Considerations for impact drills

Unlike smaller drills, cordless impact drills do not have a choice of speeds or settings, it is either all or nothing. Therefore, if accuracy is needed, this is not the instrument to use. Limit the use of the impact driver to tasks where the size or location of the hole is not as important as the amount of torque required to complete the task. Impact drivers are also ineffective when drilling into hard materials such as brick or concrete. Choose a hammer drill for this purpose.

DIYers note that starting with an electric drill and then upgrading to a cordless impact drill depends on the type of DIY task you want to perform. On the other hand, a low-cost drill should be sufficient for simple house repairs. Drills can be used in a variety of ways. Some include additional speed and torque options, as well as impact settings. Because they can use multiple bit types, they can also handle a wide range of modest tasks.

Experts agree that when it comes to expanding your tool collection, you should start with drill bits. However, if you are a serious DIY enthusiast, adding an impact driver will give you the tools you need for almost any job.


The cordless impact drill is very flexible, which is why it's often the first power tool people buy - it's hard to match its value for drilling and driving screws. To the untrained eye, a drill or impact wrench may look the same, but they are fundamentally different tools, starting with the way their bits are loaded.

It all depends on your specific requirements when deciding to use an impact driver, cordless drill or impact wrench. In short, for home-related work, choose a cordless impact drill, which is used especially for driving screws and bolts that would otherwise stop the cordless drill.

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